World Heavyweight Championship – Rey Mysterio, Jr. vs. John Bradshaw Layfield
Judgment Day 2006
Phoenix, Arizona

JBL towers over Rey. Everyone towers over Rey, but it looks like a man and his son. His masked, tattooed son. Rey tries to stand up to JBL. JBL shoves him down repeatedly. JBL starts the beatdown on Rey early on. Rey trips JBL to set up a 619. JBL rolls out of the ring to escape. Rey quickly establishes that high flying offense is his way to hurt JBL.

Rey baseball slides  into JBL as JBL sits in the corner. JBL is selling it like a gunshot. As well he should, that would hurt like hell. The ref admonishes Rey while JBL crawls around in pain. Rey dropkicks JBL out of the ring. For a little guy, his offense is really good. It actually looks like it could hurt the giant he’s up against. JBL throws Rey headfirst into the steel steps. He bludgeons Rey with his big hands and boots, taking it to him inside and out of the ring. He slams Rey’s head into the steel steps again. JBL rolls Rey back in the ring and gets a two count.

JBL suplexes Rey. Slow, deliberate twist of the hips. Second suplex. And a third, a wonderful homage to Eddy Guerrero’s three amigos. And a great little taunt after too. Rey’s bleeding. JBL drags Rey to the barricade at ringside, right in front of Rey’s wife so she can see the ass kicking up close and in person. JBL tosses Rey with a fallaway slam on the mats, then brings Rey back into the ring for a two count.

Three clotheslines flatten Rey. JBL pulls Rey around like a ragdoll. Blood stains Rey’s snow white mask. JBL boots Rey down almost the moment he gets back to his feet. Rey catches one of JBL’s punches and counters with a few of his own. JBL cuts him off with an eye rake and then a sleeper. He pounds on Rey’s head and drains the life from him until Rey is down on the mat. The ref is about to drop Rey’s hand down for the third time when JBL lets go. He wants to embarrass Rey, so he goes for the pin. Rey kicks out at two. JBL props Rey up on the top turnbuckle. Rey fights his way out of a super backdrop. Hard fists drop JBL to the mat. Picture perfect moonsault onto JBL.

Rey takes control. He kicks JBL in the side of the head in Daniel Bryanian fashion. Two count. JBL scoots into the corner. Rey charges and tries to splash JBL. JBL gets a boot up! That boot impales Rey, right in the crotch too. JBL hauls Rey up and signals that it’s powerbomb time. Rey punches his way out and hurricanrana’s JBL onto the ropes. 619 time. Rey springboards up for the next hurricanrana, but JBL pulls the ref in the way. JBL grabs Rey and powerbombs him with all his might. He signals for another ref. Out he comes for the count. Only two! A disgusted JBL socks the ref, knocking him out cold. Lil Naitch bumps beautifully on that hard right.

JBL goes to get a chair. He charges Rey, who gets his boots up on time to crash that chair into JBL’s skull. JBL flops over. Rey pops up to the top rope. Five star frog splash. Three count!

Match Rating:


I really have no complaints or negatives here. Maybe the commentary was bad or the crowd was dead, but in full disclosure I watched this with the sound off. JBL was superb as this big giant prick who wants to kick the crap out of Rey to prove a point. His mannerisms and facials were top notch, so were his reactions like when he KO’d Charles Robinson after getting only a two count.

Rey got so much sympathy as the underdog. It’s easy to root for the brave little guy over the big mean bully, but I have to commend Rey’s efforts. Rey’s offense looked stellar. Everything he did, from the punches to the drop kicks and splashes, was smooth and looked like it would actually hurt JBL. This wasn’t KENTA vs. Takayama where the little man was trying to outstrike the bigger man. This was him using his every opening and capitalizing on them.

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