Opening Segment (John Cena, Cesaro, Sheamus, Christian, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Kane)

  • I wonder how many WWE Superstars took advantage of Denver’s newest drug policy.
  • Randy Orton truly doesn’t have ANY momentum.
  • ICYMI: Antonio Cesaro will now be known simply as Cesaro.
  • I don’t want America’s face to be Cesaro’s.
  • Cena just called Cesaro “son.”
  • Sheamus has a snaggle-tooth?
  • It has got to be cool to be as over as Daniel Bryan.
  • “You sold out” chant is loud and clear for Kane.
  • Christain vs. Daniel Bryan might steal the show tonight.

Fun Fact: John Cena has 18,748,103 unique page likes on Facebook, Kobe Bryant who he just passed has 18,025,921. LeBron James has just under 16 million. Interestingly enough The Rock has over 26 million.

Christian vs. Daniel Bryan

  • Christian getting some boos for attacking Bryan before the match.
  • Bryan is hard-selling the shoulder injury.
  • Kane just looks like a goof, I’m sorry.
  • It would seem that Christian’s character is going to be taking on a more aggressive look, heel turn?
  • #FlyingGoat
  • How many different pairs of tights do you think any given wrestler travels with?
  • Between Bryan selling his injury and Christian coming across as a heel, this match has been sub-par thus far.
  • Tricky pin there by Bryan.

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan 

  • Two matches for Bryan, fun!
  • As foolish as Kane looks, he does seem to have lost some weight.
  • DQ ending doesn’t hurt Bryan or Kane.
  • At some point Bryan has to put an end to this Kane thing, right?

The Shield ruined Mark Henry’s return, not that I was expecting much of him. Reigns should go over Henry clean tonight.

Fandango vs. Santino Marella

  • Can we expect The Miz during this match?
  • Summer Rae to star in The Marine 4 alongside The Miz.
  • Heck of a hip toss by Santino.
  • Fandango with a quick pin after the almost kiss between Emma and Santino.

New shirt for Mark Henry, nobody cares.

Three matches already tonight but nothing of real quality.

Roman Reigns vs. Mark Henry 

  • Fans seem to be behind Reigns.
  • #SuperManPunch
  • Henry jobs to Reigns, seems like a waste of Henry.
  • Every Wyatt Family promo is pure gold.
  • Reigns calling out the Wyatt’s #bossmove
  • The emergence of Reigns has kept The Shield relevant. The Wyatt feud obviously helps as well but Reigns has legit fan support.
  • Wyatt Family walking away is getting old.

The WWE Network truly is a must have if you ask me.

Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston 

  • Swagger has a Intercontinental Championship match at the PPV.
  • “JBL” chants fill the arena.
  • “CM Punk” chants start and die down quickly.
  • Kingston looks odd in tights, just saying.
  • Cole still over-hyping the slap from a few weeks back.
  • Kofi is a quick as a hiccup.
  • Sadly, this has been the match of the night thus far.

Big E. Langston vs. Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre 

  • Colter talking to Big E. during the match is amusing.
  • Big E’s lip has been busted open.
  • Colter just caught on camera reading his lines off of his hand.
  • Big E almost dropped McIntyre on Mahal’s head.
  • McIntyre is a pretty big guy.

Renee was giving Cena a look up/down there.

John Cena vs. Cesaro

  • Colter must be loving his guys getting singles pushes, double the TV time for him!
  • Cole explains the Cesaro name change, thanks.
  • Believe it or not but Cena wasn’t always hated.
  • #UpperCut
  • Cena is looking to win his 15th World Championship on Sunday.
  • Cena is doing a nice job here of putting Cesaro over.
  • Nothing like a sleeper hold to kill the pace of a match.
  • Fans want to see Cena swung around badly!
  • 15 count on the big swing.
  • Cesaro and Cena are delivering the goods tonight, getting a “this is awesome” chant.
  • Cena may have won but he made Cesaro look like a stud during that match.

48 days until WrestleMania and Batista has a cool new shirt.

Los Matadores and Sin Cara vs. The Wyatt Family

  • 5:00 kill match? Let’s see.
  • It’s nice that Sin Cara and company are given the chance to show their in-ring skills.
  • Sister Abigail!
  • Match lasted longer than five minutes and was pretty entertaining. #SurprisedFace

Jey Uso vs. Billy Gunn 

  • Anyone else notice the Outlaws video playing during the entrance of the Uso’s?
  • Road Dogg is a funny man.
  • Dogg is terrified of snakes and loves long walks on the beach for those of you wondering.
  • Rupert Holmes sings the Pina Colada song, thanks Cole.
  • Uso’s are riding HIGH on momentum.

Sheamus vs. Randy Orton

  • “CM Punk” chants gear up for the beginning of this match.
  • Cole informs us that being inside the pods the longest gives you a better chance to win the chamber match.
  • Orton vs. Sheamus is a fresh main event, I like it.
  • Sheamus goes through the table!
  • “Holy Sh*t” chant echoes throughout the arena.
  • Brough! Brough! Brough! The Shield?!
  • Cena and Bryan make the save!
  • All hell is breaking loose in the ring and here come THE WYATT’s!
  • Wyatt’s and Shield going at it AND the show ends …

Final Thoughts

RAW threw a lot of matches at us this week. Unfortunately, more of the in-ring action this week was a miss rather than a hit. Despite some of the lack-luster matches, I am happy that WWE spared us by not having a Divas match.

The low points of tonight’s show included both of the Daniel Bryan matches. Bryan and Christian could have put on an epic match if allowed and the whole Kane thing was a joke. Fandango/Santino and Langston/3MB were filler for tonight’s show.

Kingston and Swagger gave us an entertaining match. Reigns and Henry had a boring match but it was a job on the part of Henry. Henry jobbing is a damn shame but the momentum that Reigns is building for himself is fantastic.

The high points tonight were the Cena/Cesaro match, the Uso’s and of course the main event. The Uso’s seem primed to win the belts this Sunday from the Outlaws. Cena and Cesaro might have stole the show tonight. It was great to watch Cesaro further emerge as a singles wrestler. Even though Cena won, he still did one heck of a job putting Cesaro over in the match and making him look great. The main event was decent with the table spot being the highlight. The all out brawl at the end has been done plenty of time before but it was great to see the Wyatt’s and Shield finally mix it up.

Come back for some more rants and ramblings next week!

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