Opening Segment (Betty White, Big Show, Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan)

  • It’s always funny to hear old people swear.
  • Enter Triple H and Steph and cue the CM Punk chants
  • It’s great that Orton is champion but I feel he is just being booked completely wrong.
  • Did Orton just pause and repeat his line because he forget what he was going to say?
  • For the record: John Cena is the heart and soul of WWE. Love or hate Cena, he has been the face for awhile now.
  • I want to see Kane’s performance appraisal file. Remember when he put jumper cables on Shane McMahon’s lower regions?
  • When is the last time someone was as over as Daniel Bryan? The Rock? Steve Austin?

Fun Fact: John Cena has 18,748,103 unique page likes on Facebook, Kobe Bryant who he just passed has 18,025,921. LeBron James has just under 16 million. Interestingly enough The Rock has over 26 million.

Rey Mysterio and The Rhodes Brothers vs. The Wyatt Family

  • Mysterio competed in the first match on RAW last week as well, it was also a 6-man tag team match.
  • I am curious to see when and how Goldust and Cody split.
  • With Punk off of TV does that mean that Bray Wyatt now has the best mic skills?
  • Goldust has done some quality in-ring work since his comeback.
  • Michael Cole walking right into Lawler’s sheep joke punchline.
  • Cody has always been a good in-ring performer. People just notice now since he is a fan favorite.
  • HOLY SISTER ABIGAIL BATMAN!! He did that in one fluent motion.
  • Wyatt’s “next game” might be the one and only John Cena.

Dear Roman Reigns: Please don’t call Renee “baby girl” and please take the US title from Dean Ambrose.

Oh look, a flashback to when Randy Orton was actually a bad-ass.

Santino Marella vs. Fandango

  • Putting Emma with Santino was a nice move.
  • Being a good valet or manager is a lost art in the WWE. If they ever brought it back, it could drastically improve the product.
  • Another commentary hijacking by The Miz. Why? and does anyone care? This is coming from someone who like him.
  • Quick match and right to the point, thank you.

Sheamus has a boss accent, enough said.

Sheamus and Christian vs. The Real Americans

  • Christian’s favorite band is Story of the Year, they also just so happen to sing his theme song.
  • I wonder how Swagger feels playing second fiddle to Antonio Cesaro.
  • We the people chant? Has that ever happened before?
  • Until he is mentioned on TV, you almost forget that Batista has returned to WWE.
  • And now a “Sheamus Sucks” chant. Odd.
  • Uppercut for Uppercut!
  • Sheamus should NOT be doing moves from the top rope.
  • The Cesaro uppercut is fun.
  • Of these four can anyone tell me who doesn’t belong? Hint: It rhymes with Mack Wagger.
  • Swagger and Cesaro have some pretty cool double team moves.
  • The crowd is REALLY into this match.

I don’t like Cena, but I do like his neon green swag. Cena trying to bring added meaning to his match tonight is a nice touch. It didn’t work, but it was a nice touch.

So they are using YouTube videos to hype up Batista now?

Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio

  • Ziggler has one of the best dropkicks in the business.
  • fans solidly behind Ziggler tonight.
  • And Ziggler dominates the match only to job to Del Rio.
  • Batista wearing the trunks and not the stupid shorts he wore at the Rumble.
  • I guess all it takes to win the crowd over is to put Del Rio through a table.

That was a fun WWE Network promotion and the free week offer is pretty cool.

WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014

  • Ultimate Warrior
  • Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts
  • Lita (Edge and Matt Hardy should induct her)

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. The Usos

  • Billy is looking a bit queasy at ring side haha.
  • WWE tag team division is DEEP.
  • That knee that Axel just delivered hit flush.
  • “Goldberg” chants for Ryback, nothing new.
  • The Usos should get a run with the tag belts.
  • OKAY!! The flying tag was just showing off.

The new Shawn Michaels DVD looks pretty good. (They ran this ad in the same exact spot as last week, interesting).

United States Championship Open Challenge

  • MARK HENRY accepts the challenge.
  • Interestingly enough, Ambrose has actually defended the belt a lot. Those defenses were just all clumped together during the first half of his reign.
  • Henry is looking a bit heavier, just sayin.
  • The crowd is almost silent. I don’t think they’re bored as much as they aren’t sure what’s going to happen here.
  • The crowd is alive as we come out of the break.
  • Disappointing finish there.
  • Stand off between The Shield and The Wyatt Family was awesome!

55 days until WrestleMania

6 Divas Tag Team Match

  • Looks at the fans heading to the aisles.
  • The “boring” chants are fair here.
  • On this day in 2005 JBL was confronted by an inflatable dinosaur in Japan.
  • JBL all over Cole for his goof earlier in the show.
  • They are raving about Cameron’s in-ring improvement, yet you watch her and don’t see it.

John Cena granted his 400th Make-A-Wish today, that right there says it all!

Daniel Bryan and Kane mixing it up was a nice touch.

John Cena vs. Randy Orton

  • Calling Orton the “first ever World Heavyweight Champion” is confusing as all heck.
  • Back and forth so far, nothing special.
  • Lots of anti-Cena fans in the crowd tonight. Don’t confuse anti-Cena with pro-Orton.
  • Boring chants raining from the rafters above.
  • Commentators trying to hype up how great this match is but it’s simply not working.
  • Cena sold the hell out of the DDT.
  • Orton said earlier that he was bringing back The Viper tonight, well we’re all waiting.
  • Top rope DDT was pretty sweet, his freak out after was odd.
  • The anti-Cena audience all popped when he blocked the RKO, go figure.

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s RAW was a big step up from last weeks lackluster show. Although the Cena/Orton main event didn’t deliver the way that last week’s Orton/Bryan match did, the show overall was much better.

Highlights of the night have to include the tag team match between Sheamus/Christian and The Real Americans. Cesaro is very over with the fans for someone that is supposed to be a heel. Aside from the Cesaro pops, the match was entertaining and the crowd was into it the entire way. Other highlights from tonight were the showdown between The Shield and The Wyatt’s, Batista putting Del Rio through a table and Lita being inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. It should also be noted that The Usos are looking great in the tag division and might be in line for a tag title shot.

Betty White was a low-light simply because she didn’t do much aside from her skit with the Outlaws. The return of Mark Henry was also a bit of a dud given his loss to Dean Ambrose and the fact that he didn’t look that great in the ring. Dolph Ziggler jobbing to Del Rio was a shame. The show also contained a lame Divas match and another confusing interruption by The Miz.

The main event was a sound match but we have seen it so many times. The crowd got into it at the end with all of the near falls. Orton losing in the main event on RAW two weeks in a row is a bit damaging if you ask me. RAW closing with Cena celebrating was of course boring.

Come back for some more rants and ramblings next week!