Pro Wrestling Guerrilla
“Battle of Los Angeles” Night 2
August 31, 2013
Reseda, California

Night 1 Review:

A short night later and we are back at American Legion #308 in Reseda, California. As always, Excalibur and Friends are on commentary. Night one was the calm before the storm. Night two would provide a ton of hits with big match feels throughout the night and STARS WERE MADE.


Brian Cage vs. Drake Younger – It seems Brian Cage is still alive despite suffering from head trauma after the Ciampa match last night. Also, good to see Drake recover quickly after falling on a big pile of hard candies. Quick start, Younger goes at Cage hard. The crowd is HYPE. Cage, as usual, gets his shit in. Younger reverses the 60-second hanging suplex into a rollup for the win. Real short and to the point.  **1/2

Kevin Steen vs. Johnny Gargano – Gargano is having a little coming out party this weekend in PWG. He’s getting quite a good pop from the Reseda crowd who was initially slow to warm to the DGUSA and Evolve star. The crowd was a distinct buzz for this match. Steen, too, a different vibe to him this weekend — more of an edge. The two don’t really fuck around too much to start, and it gets into a straight intense wrestling match quickly. Big spots all over the place. Steen plays up an injured shoulder mid-match which gives Gargano plenty of time to get his shit in. Steen would mount a comeback with an ACT OF DEFIANCE to boot, goes for the Package Piledriver and Gargano would reverse it into the GargaNO Escape to tap Steen out. Really hot match with a hot finish.  Breakout match for Gargano as a singles wrestler in PWG. ****+

Michael Elgin vs. Roderick Strong – Elbows! Chops! Clubs! OH MY!  The crowd grew pretty hot for this one down the stretch. Hard hitting, basic match with two guys who can throw down in the ring. Eventually, Elgin would tap out Strong with the Crossface.  ***1/2

Kyle O’Reilly vs. ACH – A slow feel out process to start with a little comedy thrown in. ACH fits right in with this PWG roster and the crowd eats him up. He’s enough of a wrestling geek in his own right to throw in  ton of the tongue-in-cheek stuff that PWG thrives on. O’Reilly, still on a hot streak and the crowd is just really behind him as a face. O’Reilly works on the arm of ACH for most of the match and stunts most of the comeback efforts with more arm work. Back and forth in the latter stages of the match with a ton of good, well placed spots and good ol’ fighting spirit.  Intense go-home sequence.  O’Reilly would catch ACH coming off the top rope and tap him out with an arm breaker. Crowd goes nuts.  They chant for ACH to come back. These two were apart of the two best matches from Night 1 and when they came together on Night 2, they made some magic. If you didn’t know ACH was a star in the making before this match, you will definitely know about it now.  Fantastic match.  ****1/2

Tammaso Ciampa, B-Boy, and Willie Mack vs. BEST FRIENDS (Chuck Taylor, Trent?, and Joey Ryan) – Tony Nese was supposed to be in this match, but B-Boy gets called in last minute to take his place due to injury.  Ciampa plays a perfect nut. He’s like Travis Bickle with the volume turned up to 100. Early on, way too much of Joey Ryan’s naked ass for my liking.  We also are treated to a Human Centipede spot.  And…a fucking grenade spot. Referee Rick Knox is knocked out from the grenade blast so Tony Nese takes his spot as referee for this match. Superplex off the top rope TO THE FLOOR by Trent to Ciampa. Entertaining melee. The Best Friends win when Chuck Taylor Awful Waffle’s B-Boy.  An entertaining and fun car crash.  N/A



Michael Elgin vs. Johnny Gargano – Quick start with both men going for their submission finishers. Excalibur really puts Gargano’s run over on commentary, as he’s facing all of PWG’s big men in Willie Mack on Night 1 and Steen and Elgin so far on Night 2 and Gargano sells like he’s been in some battles as the David of this fight. By the latter stages of the match, both really play up the beating and the journey of working their third match in two days. A fun set of reversals to their submission finishers sets up the crowd for a hot finish as Gargano struggles to the ropes while in the Crippler Crossface.  SUPERKICKS, BICYCLE KICK, CHOPS, CLUBS!  Buckle Bomb into a reversal by Gargano for the pin. Gargano puts Elgin on the top and goes for the Lawn Dart, fails, goes to the top and receives an Elgin Bomb from the top rope for the 1-2-3.  Elgin wins. Gargano has really had a great weekend and has won over the Reseda crowd as a fighting babyface. Really good match.  ****1/4

Kyle O’Reilly vs. Drake Younger – Two very over babyfaces here. Split crowd. An early feel out process leads to a few too many kicks to Drake getting heated and now we have an intense affair.  Drake eats a lot of shit throughout, as does O’Reilly. Some impact chair spots on the outside mid-match. Some big suplex spots in the latter stages. A go-home flurry by O’Reilly after kicking out of Drake’s Landing and reversing a straight jacket pile driver with kicks, elbows, and a swinging DDT into a guillotine sleeper and Drake goes to sleep and Riles is on to the finals. Good, crisp, intense match between two babyfaces.  ***3/4+

The Young Bucks (c) and Adam Cole (c) vs. Rich Swan, AR Fox, and Candice LeRae – The crowd demands that everyone suck Adam Cole’s dick. Matt Jackson opens the match a shriek and pounce onto AR Fox. The crowd is really into it early as the fans get into Rich Swan’s theme which stalls the match. And it is here we realize Candice LeRae dances like The Great Khali.  Adam Cole breaks up Lionel Richie love fest when he asks for THE WHORE. Candice comes in only for Nick Jackson to openly slap her in the face so loud it out pops the crowd and Kevin Steen marks out like crazy.  Big melee segment with your token number of big spots. Double Superkick to Adam Cole’s dick by the #TheBucks, Double dick suplex by Candice. Really hot go-home. Triple Superkick to Candice, into a straight jacket suplex with a double suplex as the kicker. Heels get heely and more damage to Candice post-match.  Strong.  Better than the three-way from the night before.  ***1/2

And now we have the Finals of the Battle of Los Angeles 2013!

Michael Elgin vs. Kyle O’Reilly – Two Canadians in the finals here. Chants of CAN-A-DA from the crowd. Slow, early feel out process. Elgin with the power, O’Reilly with the strikes and submission holds is the story for most of the early stages of the match. Both men selling THE JOURNEY as both look pretty beat. Mid-match SHOW OF BRAVADO, chops versus kicks! They then slug it out.  Big lariat from Elgin as O’Reilly Nigels back into the ring and gets a one count. Bicycle kick knocks the mouth guard out of O’Reilly’s mouth. O’Reilly goes for the swinging DDT, into a brainbuster, into the crossarm breaker into a triangle choke, Elgin Bomb, BUT O’REILLY STILL HOLDS ON, ELGIN TAPS and the streamers come down. Really solid finals. O’Reilly was made a legit star on this weekend.  ****

He’s awarded the trophy but here comes the post-match shenanigans.

Adam Cole comes out to congratulate his Future Shock tag team partner. While he taunts O’Reilly, Kyle kicks Cole in the head. #TheBucks come out and the beat down begins. Candice comes out.  Joey Ryan comes out applauding and asks for the mic says he appreciates a good #HEELFaction, but NO ONE BEATS UP CANDICE BUT HIM and gets beat down for his trouble.  Drake Younger comes down, gets beat up. Rick Knox comes in with a chair. KEVIN STEEN TO THE RESCUE…OR IS HE?! Package Piledrivers to EVERYONE but the Heels. He hugs The Bucks and Cole.  Destroys the trophy and THE MOUNT RUSHMORE OF WRESTLING IS BORN. The faces come in, in droves. Fans ask “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

O’Reilly stands among the faces to end the show and cuts a Davey promo and Tammaso Ciampa is wearing a Dan Majerle jersey…awesome.

Post-show, we get this awkwardly funny promo from the heels:

Overall, a really good weekend from PWG and just a capper to a great month of August in the world of wrestling. Successful event for PWG. They made a star with a FACE Kyle O’Reilly. While everyone had Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly pegged as future stars that began to breakout in 2012, who would have thought O’Reilly would have done it as a face and Cole the heel? Both guys are doing some of the best work of their career right now. The Reseda crowd also really got behind Johnny Gargano this weekend and newcomer ACH fits right in. All-in-all, big weekend for the company and they made some new stars.

The Buzz: American Show of the Year Contender.

Match of the Night: Kyle O’Reilly v. ACH

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