This is certainly a weird one. Here’s what we know for sure: Cody Rhodes requested or was granted time off by World Wrestling Entertainment presumably so he could marry and enjoy a long honeymoon with former WWE ring announcer/Divas Brandi Reed. As a way to write him off television, COO Triple H stated that if Rhodes did not defeat WWE Champion Randy Orton on the September 2 edition of Raw, he would be fired.

Rhodes lost the hard-fought contest as was, in storyline, fired. Cody returned briefly on last Monday’s episode of Raw, alongside his brother Goldust to attack The Shield on behalf of their father, Dusty Rhodes.

Everything seemed to be in-line with a standard WWE storyline with Cody eventually returning to tag with his brother and father against The Shield. Until today, when independent wrestling company Pro Wrestling Syndicate announced via Twitter that Rhodes would be signing with them as soon as his 90-day no compete clause ran out:


Initially taken as a joke, fuel was added to the fire when Cody not only retweeted but responded to PWS’ message.


If you’ve followed us on Twitter you’ll know we’re one of the first to break any news with PWS and we’ve been 100% on the money. Our source is about as reliable as it gets, so we spoke to them to see if they could shed some light on the bizarre situation and, well, we got clarification from them but it just makes the story more odd:



As far as we can tell, this is legit, Cody Rhodes will appear in a PWS ring. You may wonder why PWS, especially a PWS that employs Kevin Matthews (not a Bill DeMott fan) but as mentioned in Rhodes’ tweet, PWS booker Pat Buck and him are friends.

Just to clarify, all intentions are likely that Rhodes ends up back with WWE but is being given the opportunity to work indie shots over the next few months as apart of his “time off”. This is a really bizarre story regardless and if anything new does emerge, we will be covering it via Twitter (@VoicesWrestling).