Live (well, not really) from American Legion #308 in Reseda, California, its PWG’s Is Your Body Ready?!  This event took place on June 15, 2013.  The DVD was released a little over a week ago, so here we are with a review.

As usual, Excalibur and his cast of characters are on commentary.

Coming into the night, this will the final PWG show for both Samuray Del Sol and Sami Callihan.  Both will be reporting to Florida very soon as they are expected to join the NXT roster and start their new journey with the WWE.  Guys on their way out always deliver strong matches and get a good curtain call so I’m pretty excited to see what these guys can do.

The Unbreakable F’N Machines v. RockNES Monsters – The crowd loves the Machines and shit on the Monsters.  It is just the way of the world in 2013.  Brian Cage looking ridiculous with a Red Rooster like red streak through his damn faux hawk.  You look ridiculous, b.  This ended up being a solid opener, albeit a bit forgettable and was just your usual power display for the big guys interweaving the big power spots with heel tactics by the Monsters.  The teams didn’t seem to have a ton of chemistry together, but the Machines hit all of their usual big spots, including the 60-second suplex in the first minute of the match.  Michael Elgin hits a 360 Powerbomb FTW.  It was all right.  **3/4

Kyle O’Reilly v. Davey Richards – Sleazy Davey is back, gyrating right into our hearts.  If you’ve seen one Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly match, you’ve seen a variation of them all.  If you like kicks upon kicks upon kicks upon submission holdz upon more American Strong Stylez badassery, you will like this match.  If you don’t, you already know what you’re getting into.  I happen to like it.  This match starts a bit slow but picks up and goes hard by the end.  They sprinkled in some fun into the match, which is nice to see in a usually serious Davey match.  O’Reilly wins after some near falls and transitions into a straight-arm bar and Davey taps.  Crowd goes nuts.  Auto Parts is on a roll in PWG and hot hot hot.  I liked it.  ****-

Chuck Taylor & Johnny Gargano v. DojoBros – CHOPS AND CHOPS AND CHOPS AND CHOPS!  I enjoyed the match.  It starts a bit slow, but the middle of the match; it’s just a fun match.  Chucky T is all about dat PWG life.  He’s a good representation of the tongue-in-cheek style that PWG promotes.  After receiving 75 chops, Taylor puts on Gargano’s hoodie.  You can’t teach that comedic timing.  The match is a nice blend of fast pace and big moves.  DojoBros win the match with a Strong Breaker. ***1/2

Kevin Steen v. Drake Younger – This match is Kevin Steen at his best in PWG because he plays and interacts with the crowd in such a unique way.  There was #thatguy in the crowd who kept yelling out that he can’t see from the back and he and Steen heckle each other for most of the match.  He’s also wearing a very old El Generico t-shirt, so Steen gets props for that.  A bunch of big spots in this match including a triumvirate of power bombs by Steen on the stage and on the apron.  Younger with a monster DVD from the apron into the fifth row.  Some real cool stuff.  Adam Cole comes down and interferes by match end, hitting Steen with the title.  Cole also goes for Younger, but misses, and gets his with Drake’s Landing.  Steen reverses a Drake’s Landing himself, only for another reversal for Younger to win with a backslide.  Good finish setting up the big match at TEN.  Younger with a big win.  ***3/4


The Young Bucks (c) v. AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol – This one is Non-Title.  Gotta keep the crowd in suspense.  As mentioned, this is going to be Del Sol’s last match in PWG, and he went out with a bang.    This ends up being exactly what you’d expect from this group of wrestlers.  It has big flippy bastard spots, fast-paced action, and a ton of comedy from #theBucks.  The Young Bucks are legitimate Aces in the world of Independent Wrestling.  They always deliver.  Fox and Del Sol are VINTAGE Fox and Del Sol.  Always giving new life to their usual spots Fox, as always, willing to throw his body into anything and everything.  Del Sol is just so crisp and fast. #theBucks hit More Bang for Your Buck on Del Sol for the win.  I was really into this match the whole way. ****

Adam Cole (c) v. Sami Callihan – 60-minute Iron Man Match – This match started at nearly midnight on the West Coast but the crowd is still popping.  Callihan is introduced to big cheers.  Cole enters to boos.

1-0 – Cole after a low blow around the 10m mark.

2-0 – Cole after a small package shortly after the 10m mark.

3-0 – Cole after a shoulderbreaker right around the 11m mark.

3-1 – Callihan after a quick tap to the Stretch Muffler around the 30m mark.

3-2 – Callihan quickly transitions to a choke around the 30m mark.

3-3 – Callihan with a quick sit down pin around the 33m mark.

4-3 – Callihan with another quick sit down pin shortly after 33m.

4-4 – Cole with Florida Keys just around the 40m mark.

5-4 – Cole after a Destroyer from the second rope around 45m.

5-5 – Callihan after a lariat around minute 50.

6-5 – Cole reverses a pinning attempt around 56m.

At this point, Cole hightails it out of the ring and tries to kill time.  He comes back into the ring, trips on the rope and Callihan puts Cole in the Stretch Muffler for the last minute and a half of the match.  The crowd is begging Cole to tap.  But the 60-minutes expire with Cole not giving up and thus, he retains.  Match ends, Cole and Callihan embrace only for Cole to kick Sami in the balls and high tails it out of the ring.  #HEELshenanigans.  Curtain call, followed by a speech to end the show.

Listen, overall, Iron Man matches are tough watches for me.  Especially when you pigeonhole the match at 60-minutes, you know you’re going to either have long-winded, few falls plodding battle or a match with nearly a dozen or more falls.  This one falls into the latter.  Either way, the last five minutes or so are usually the best and all you need to see.  There is often a lot of downtime in Iron Man matches that rather take me out of it.  Unfortunately, that is a criticism of ALL Iron Man matches.  As for this one, it was good.  There was a lot of banter back and forth, a lot of crowd interaction (including a cool part where the crowd carries Sami to the ring to avoid losing a fall), and many fun spots (including some really fun Rock Bottom, People’s Elbow, Stone Cold Stunner spots).  The pacing was ok.  But, it is an hour-long Iron Man match and there is usually a ceiling for how good these things really are.  If you took “the best of…” this match and put it in 30 or even 40 minutes, you have a good match.  As is… ***1/2

The Buzz: My body was ready.  Good show.

Match of the Night – The Young Bucks v. AR Fox & Samuray Del Sol

Also Check Out – Kevin Steen v. Drake Younger, as it sets up a three-way for the title at TEN and Kyle O’Reilly v. Davey Richards.

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