It’s no secret that Biss is near and dear to our heart here at Voices of Wrestling. Without Biss, VOW does not exist in its current state so, of course, we want to let everyone know about his new wrestling promotion, Inspire Pro Wrestling and their inaugural show “The Beginning” coming up this Sunday (July 7) at Marchesa Hall & Theatre in Austin, Texas.

We had initially recorded a podcast with the voices of Inspire Pro, Eamon Patton but tech issues and a corrupted file prevented that preview podcast from being posted on the site. Patton being a good sport, supplied us with a written preview of The Beginning.

Check out Inspire Pro on Facebook at and details on “Inspire Pro: The Beginning” on their event page. The show is this Sunday, July 7 in Austin, Texas. Tickets are only $10 and once you read the preview you will see why that’s not only the best value for wrestling in Texas, it may be the best value for independent pro wrestling in the country.

Thanks again to Eamon and Biss and if you are in the Texas area, you have no excuse; you should be going to this show! Anyway, here is Eamon Patton’s (@Eamon2Please) preview:

6-Way Scramble Match: James Claxton vs. Void vs. Alexander Rudolph vs. AJ Summers vs. Jared Wayne vs. Darren Dean

In the opening contest to the first ever Inspire Show, six men with contrasting looks and styles will be fighting it out to earn a golden ticket into next months three way match, where the winner heads to the final three way to crown the first Inspire Pro champion. With so much on the line, some of the young up and comers like a Darren Dean, Jared Wayne or AJ Summers could use this chance to propel themselves to the top echelon of the Inspire Pro roster. But don’t forget the giants like “The Cowboy” James Claxton and “The American Viking” Alexander Rudolph, who are looking to leave a path of destruction on their way to victory. And what does this mysterious Void have to offer? You’ll have to be there to see who rises to the occasion in the first ever match for Inspire Pro.

The Great Depression vs. Jeff Gant

To be entirely honest, The Great Depression seems to be a name that has come literally out of thin air. Any search for this man (I’m assuming man), will lead to zero results. Whoever it is, they are truly a mystery, not just to the Inspire Pro fans, but also to his opponent, Jeff Gant. With little to theorize or expect in this contest, one must wonder what either of these two will bring to the table on July 7th.

NWA Revolution Grand Warrior Championship Erick Shadows vs. Jodan vs. Michael Autumn

Three young up and comers from McAllen, Texas have the chance to make themselves known in a brand new city, in front of a brand new crowd, all while representing the banner of their home promotion. NWA Wrestling Revolution will be well represented in this three way match, as the current Grand Warrior Erick Shadows defends against Jodan and Michael Autumn. Three relative unknowns will fight, not just to become Grand Warrior, but also to make an impression on the very vocal Austin, Texas crowd. The question is, will they impress and earn the love of the Inspire crowd?

Shawn Vexx vs. Chris Cross

“The Infamous” Shawn Vexx has transformed himself into a relative veteran of the Texas independent wrestling scene. He has wrestled close to all of the state’s best, and even some of the best in the nation. To contrast, Chris Cross is a man who has only recently graduated high school, at the young age of 18. But one look at Cross in the ring, and you can tell how his ability precedes his youth. This match is for an opportunity to join the 6-Man Scramble winner in next month’s three way match, but you have to think that even if he picked up a loss, this match will be a true learning experience for Cross that will help him grow as a performer. But, with the amount of heart and drive Chris Cross has, he is for sure not going out without a fight.

Andy Dalton vs. Gregory James

Andy Dalton has competed throughout the Texas independents for many years. But all within that time, he has lived true to his “Dirty” nickname, making him one of the most despised men in the entire state. The reactions that he can evoke out of fans in the audience are something to behold, and while he is very skilled, don’t be surprised when he tries to take the easy way out. He is facing the former “Too Much Metal” Gregory James, who has now transformed into something he claims is “Unholy”. He makes his return after a long departure from the Austin, TX area, and I think many will be surprised to see that this isn’t the Gregory James they once knew. A man who is much more focused, vicious and determined, “Unholy Gregory James is going to be a true test for Dalton. Only one man will come out victorious and propel themselves further up the ranks.

JoJo Bravo vs. Alex Reigns

The “Heaviest Sumo In The Land” and the man who claims to be “Untouchable” will go head to head on July 7th. In this year alone, JoJo Bravo has grown such a following on the independent scene, with his eccentric nature influenced greatly by the Owari style of Japan, his personality is contagious and makes him an absolute favorite. But don’t let his over-the-top attitude fool you, he can definitely pack a punch. Alex Reigns is a man not known much beyond the south Texas area, but he is a truly untapped talent that more people need to get their eyes on. Reigns has an opportunity to take out a man having a truly breakout year, and therefore cement that he is the one that everyone should be following. Not to mention, a spot in next month’s three way match is on the line.

Bolt Brady vs. Ricky Starks

This is an example of two men on very similar career trajectories. When one pops up in a new company or a new state, the other is not too far behind. Both men have set out to make 2013 their year to break out, and so far they have had a great deal of success. However, Ricky Starks firmly believes that he deserves the same amount of notoriety as Bolt Brady, if not more. Well, come this Sunday, Starks has the opportunity to prove it, but it’ll take a lot to stop the roll that “The Supercharged Superstar” Bolt Brady is on. This match is sure to be an absolute barnburner of a contest.

ACH vs. Davey Vega vs. Chuck Taylor

A true showcase of the past, present & future of independent wrestling, this match was the perfect choice to be the first main event for Inspire Pro. One of these men will gain a spot in the final three way match that will decide our first champion, but in order to make it to that point they will have to face off in what is sure to be a show stealer of a contest. Everyone knows what guys like Chuck Taylor and ACH are capable of, but Davey Vega is still relatively unknown in independent wrestling, which is a true shame. I feel confident in predicting that in a years time, we will see Vega reach the level of success that an ACH or Taylor currently hold, and just imagine how much a win over these two could make that road to success even shorter. Nationally traveled, breakout Ring Of Honor star and hometown boy ACH will be looking to gain immense success in yet another company, defeating an independent mainstay and a man he has traveled the roads with. And finally, “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor makes his long awaited Texas debut, and while he was one of the men that made independent wrestling such an attraction, he is looking to gain his first major singles championship since winning the IWA Mid South title back in 2008. He will have to go through two very skilled competitors in order to get that chance, but I’m sure the master of the Omega Driver is up to the task. This is a match that you absolutely cannot miss, and it will most definitely be a personal honor to call this contest between three of indie wrestling’s best.

Sunday, July 7
Bell time:  6:00 p.m.
Doors open: 5:30 p.m.
Ticket price: $10 – no reserve seating