St Louis Anarchy champion Darin Corbin joined Joe on the show to discuss the latest on his collarbone injury, when we can expect him back in the ring, how he got his start in wrestling and met Arik Cannon, his Minnesota wrestling roots and the Minnesota indie scene, working in England & Germany, the now infamous “Caleb incident” at Chikara World Tag Grand Prix, his awesome YouTube videos, and much more.

And of course, no discussion with Darin Corbin would be complete without talking about SLOW MO. Darin gives the origins of the spot, tells us what wrestling legend pulled him aside and called it “the most embarrassing thing he’s ever seen in wrestling”, and another legend who loved it so much that he demanded that they do it not once, but twice, in their match.

It’s a great interview with some fun stories, we hope you check it out!

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