Why do you care? You know it’s fake, it doesn’t matter. While you’re correct that it’s fake, it does matter. It’s all that matters in the wrestling business.

The CM Punk tweet above echoes the sentiment of a lot of wrestling fans (young and old, new or veteran, hardcore or casual). If you tell us it’s fake, why would we care? If you don’t allow us to invest in characters, stories, angles, etc. what is the point of your product?

Great athleticism? I’ll go watch the NBA. Great drama? No thanks, I’ll go watch The Walking Dead. Great acting? Um, have you seen a Divas backstage segment?

You know what World Wrestling Entertainment and Vince McMahon has always been best at? Professional wrestling. Wrestling. Wrestling. Wrestling.

While it has elements of sport and it has elements of entertainment, the core business of WWE is and always will be wrestling. We watch because we enjoy wrestling, we enjoy the drama, the acting, the athleticism, the phycology, the characters but most of all we enjoy wrestling.

The latest Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger promo is a disgrace to the wrestling business. I hate to say it, but it is. A few years ago, I may have thought it was the greatest thing in the world. When I was still in my “I have to defend the fact that I watch professional wrestling every time it’s brought up” phase. I get it, trust me I do. For some, a promo where your two hottest heel characters go “Hey, we’re just doing characters!” may have been something I would have loved years ago.

Today, I don’t. As I’ve aged, I’ve been more content with the fact that, no; I love professional wrestling for what it is. I love turning off my brain for a few hours a week to watch these characters do what they do best. At its core, that’s what it’s all about. That’s what the business is. It’s about suspending your disbelief and allow yourself to be entertained for a few hours.

The fact that Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment can’t stand to be referred to as “stupid wrestling people” shows one of the worst traits of McMahon, his insecurity.

Who cares if Glenn Beck thinks you’re stupid wrestling people? Own it. Show him how stupid wrestling people can be. Go full in on him, have your heels disagree with him, try to build your business a little (insane, I know). Have these rampaging characters ramp to an even higher degree.

I get that wrestling fans aren’t really into full-out, unbelievable characters and I dislike that too. Brodus Clay is not a very good representation of a high-end television product. I’m of course not condoning WWE having Doink the Clown come back and go on television shows to promote the product.

This isn’t the case with Colter and Swagger. They are believable characters. Everything they do from the videos, to their looks to what they are saying is totally believable. While we know it’s fake part of us loves to see the struggle of a Latino superstar and a pro-White American racist. It’s totally plausible and totally believable. It’s fun to watch.

The most classic example of this is Steve Austin. The guy who spent a year kicking his bosses’ ass because he felt disrespected.

Nobody believes “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was legitimately beating up his boss every single week on Raw. We knew he was a character and a lot of us assumed Vince McMahon was a character (some of us didn’t even know he was ACTUALLY the owner of the then WWF).

Put yourself in the position of a viewer at the time who saw Austin cut a promo after filling McMahon’s Corvette with concrete saying “That was really mean and it’s just an act to entertain you, McMahon and I are actually great friends. Make sure you tune in next week and see what crazy antics I do to him!”

It’s insane; it’s ludicrous to assume that would happen. It just wouldn’t. Fans turned away in droves when Austin finally aligned with McMahon at WrestleMania X-7 in 2001 because it was just unfathomable to them. They invested years of their lives watching Austin beat up, belittle and torture McMahon and now all of a sudden, they are friends? Sure, it’s not unlikely to happen in the realm of professional wrestling but damn does that angle make the whole business look super fake. Did John Wayne join with the American Indians at the end of any of his movies? Did Wayne cut a PSA at the end of his movie to make sure everyone knew he didn’t actually hate Indians?

No. And neither should wrestlers. We’re watching for the characters. While it’s fun to take them out of that realm sometimes and view them as real people, we can do that on Twitter or meet them before and after a show. When the lights are on (and yes WWE this includes YouTube videos and official Twitter pages) they should be their characters. The characters we pay money to watch.

The WWE loves to compare themselves to other entertainment industries and while that’s a great starting point for fans like us to explain why we like the business, it’s not something the WWE should do. It’s very easy for us to say, “Yeah, but CSI is fake too, but we watch for the characters.” It’s a perfect defense for us. At the same time, it’s the exact opposite of what WWE should publicly display and advertise. “This guy is wants to fight this guy, but not really, they are friends, BUY THE PPV!”

This promo should not exist. It shouldn’t have happened and I’m ashamed it did. I shouldn’t care because clearly the WWE doesn’t care (and I’ve known this for a while now) but part of me is upset at how cool this whole thing could have been. Part of me is upset at how much mainstream publicity they could have received just be being what they are, wrestling.

Repeatedly, I’m dumbfounded on why WWE and McMahon hate the thing they do best. The only thing they’ve EVER been successful at, they can’t stand. It makes no sense to me. With that said, I’ll try to act like this promo never happened and continue watching Colter/Swagger rise to the top, but a part of me knows it will never be the same.

Sorry this column is more of a Twitter rant and less of the well researched columns I’ll usually post here. I needed to get this off my chest and if it’s too long winded, rant-y and tangent filled, I apologize. This is something I’m clearly passionate about.