I am finally back with a review of SHINE 6 on iPPV!  If you do not know, SHINE is a bit of an off-shoot of SHIMMER all-women wrestling, produced by the same folks who do EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA.  This was my first time watching SHINE as I always had wanted to check it out.

Tina San Antonio v. Miya Yim
This was a decent match to start things off. San Antonio was the heel and a little boring and Mia Yim looked experienced for an indy star. Yim started out fast as she lured Tina outside and ran at her with a knee on the apron. Yim hit four consecutive dropkicks inside the ring but missed a missile dropkick. San Antonio was on offense now with a neckbreaker and a surfboard. Then, they exchanged forearms and Yim got control but tried to go up top and got caught with a powerbomb. Tina hit a torture rack but Yim countered with a German Suplex, followed by a second, some strikes, and finally, a third with a bridge for the win.
Leah Von Dutch v. Santana
Santana was a face but extremely green and her submission offense looked bad. She hooked in two Fujiwara armbars early and had control until Leah pulled her hair and raked her eyes. Dutch went for a cobra clutch (titled the Dutch Clutch) but it didn’t work. She put on a camel clutch and the crowd got behind Santana. Leah slapped her and this pissed off Santana who returned the favor and they exchanged strikes. Von Dutch went for a springboard moonsault and missed. This allowed Santana to launch a handspring moonsault called a shining star press, for the win.
Kimber Lee v. Nikki Roxx
Lee was trained by CZW guys and Roxx by Killer Kowalski’s school. Roxx apparently has ten years experience and it showed. I think she has the most potential out of the whole Shine roster. Roxx was on top early with some hip tosses and a spinning polish hammer. However, she went for a slam and Lee went behind her and chopblocked her. Lee did some heel moves and a clothesline as Roxx had a hope spot but she got pulled down by the hair during her momentum. Lee hit an enzuguri but immediately Roxx got up and ran at her with a big boot and they were both down. Lee had some offense but tried a dropkick from the top and missed. Roxx hit the Barbie Killer (choke/bearhug into a sitdown slam) for the win. Quick finish here but probably the best match by this point.
Allysin Kay/Taylor Made (Made in Sin) w/April Hunter v. Christina Von Eerie/Mschif (Mseerie)
I thought Kay has the most potential out of all these girls. Made just seems like a generic Kay and Hunter looks like a stripper. Von Eerie is decent and Mschif is good but lacks charisma. This was a mediocre match. Mschif hit a standing moonsault early and Kay nearly made a tag but was pulled back and put in a good pretzel submission in her own corner. For some reason, Von Eerie distracted the ref and allowed the heels to break the hold and gain control. Mschif was in peril for the longest time and it only built to a shitty tag with no heat. Mschif was thrown out and Von Eerie helped her back in and made the tag and that was it. Mschif did sell for the rest of the night though. Kay ate a sunset flip powerbomb from the corner. Hunter got on the apron for a second time to distract the ref and it led to nothing. While the ref was distracted, Mseerie hit the doomsday device on Made for the win. Von Eerie got attacked after the match as Mschif sold. This was a slow beat down with no intensity. Rain came out for an interview in the ring. She said she should have had a Shimmer title shot and not Jazz, who actually got one. She does not trust Mercedes Martinez and she is sick of playing by Shine’s rules. Now, they will play by her rules. Rain is absolutely dreadful on the mic, almost painful.
Ivelisse v. Su Yung
Ivelisse was on the last season of WWE Tough Enough and she was not bad but neither was Yung. Yung has good fire and I like her but if she wants to make it farther in the business she has to lose some weight. I am not trying to tear her apart with that statement, just being honest. This was a pretty solid match. Apparently, Ivelisse is also doing MMA fights and she makes her debut on March 1. Su Yung was in control early with a side slam and a rana in the corner. Ivelisse got some kicks in and gained control as Yung worked from the bottom. Ivelisse missed a rolling elbow in the corner and Yung began her comeback with many punches. She had good fire here. She put on an airplane spin and tried a boot that was countered into a roll-up and then she hit her own roll-up. Ivelisse hit a kick followed by a guillotine choke into a DDT for the win and a solid finish.
Matt Hardy was at ringside for the next match

Reby Sky v. Jessicka Havok
Sky resembles Trish Stratus in her looks but she is very green with her facials and selling. This was a match of the smaller Sky against the bigger Havok. I was not digging Havok initially but she started to grow on me as the match went on. They brawled outside and Sky went for a clothesline but her arm hit the post as Havok went right to work on it. Havok nailed some vicious strikes inside as Hardy looked concerned outside. Havok used a cross arm breaker and Sky screamed in agony but not very well but very grating. Havok hit two straight back breakers without letting go but Sky countered her third with a headscissors but could not follow up. She did start fighting though and hit a cross body and a tornado DDT. They ended up outside and Sky hit a springboard plancha on the floor. They both got back in but Havok caught Sky on the second rope and nailed a fallaway slam but only got a two-count. That nearfall infuriated Havok and put on the rings of saturn arm hold and Hardy threw the towel in for Sky. The story was that the hold was on for a long time and Sky would not quit. She took everything that Havok had to offer and still did not give up. Best match of the night.
Leva Bates v. Kimberly
The story here was that Kimberly hasnot won a match yet. At the last show, she figured she had a betterchance at winning in a tag match but no one wanted to team with her except Bates. Bates got these ridiculous outfits for them to wear but they ended up losing and Kimberly attacked Bates after that match. Kimberly has an AJ look to her and I think she has potential. The match was back-and-forth. Kimberly nailed a spinebuster and ripped off her shirt from their tag match and choked Bates with it. Kimberly’s special is the cloverleaf and she tried to put it on Bates twice, who countered each time. They brawled outside and Kimberly hit a spinebuster into the ring. They got back in the ring and Leva ended up missing a kick and got swept up in a cloverleaf and lost. Kimberly could not believe she won and started hugging people. Bates attacked her after the match and they spilled backstage. Kimberly has really goofy facials but she is entertaining about it. The story of the match was great but the actual wrestling was not very good.
Mercedes Martinez v. Amazing Kong
This was a david versus goliath style match that lacked intensity but it was decent. Martinez ate a ton of offense and had some hope spots that got shut down. She also kept going for a fisherman’s buster but never actually got it. Kong hit a chokeslam but proceeded to miss a splash from the middle rope. Not much heat until the end for this match. Kong hit a splash in the corner, tried for a pin, got a two-count, and was surprised. She went for a powerbomb that was countered into a face buster but then she went for another fisherman’s buster that was blocked and she ate a spinning back fist. Rain came to the apron to distract the ref and April Hunter came in and nailed Kong from behind and Martinez rolled up Kong and used the ropes for the win. Made in Sin and Ivelisse came out to attack Kong. Plenty of faces tried to help out Kong but they got beat down too and even a ref got hurt. Kong sold outside as Rain announced they were a new faction in Shine called Valkyrie and the show ended.
I was generally pleased with the show. The one major problem I found was Daffney being on the show as both a ring announcer and a commentator. She seems to have this habit of taking attention away from the wrestlers and onto herself as she danced during entrances and did and said other wacky things. She was 2010 Michael Cole level annoying and off-putting. Overall, the match
progression was good throughout the night as everything built to the main match. Match structure was good and everything was certainly better than most WWE women’s matches.

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