Joe Lanza welcomes rising indy star and Rookie of the Year candidate ACH to the program. Alongside ACH, Joe welcomed friend of the show and head commentator of Anarchy Championship Wrestling Biss!

ACH talks about his thoughts on his breakout 2012, what his feelings are on being considered a ‘rookie’ in the Observer Awards, his thoughts on working with Eita, Mr Touchdown, AR Fox, and others, his big match coming up with Matthew Palmer, and where he would like to take things in 2013.

Biss tells us how Anarchy got hooked up with National Pro Wrestling Day, who Anarchy is sending to the event, Joe pesters him about what he knew about the El Generico situation, and he once again manages to NOT tell his Ian Rotten story.

Both guys answer listener questions, and it was truly a really fun and insightful interview.

Anarchy Championship Wrestling
“Guilty by Association 7”
Sunday, January 20
5:30 Belltime
912 Red River Austin, Texas

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