At this point in life there are three things that are a given, everybody knows who Monica Lewinsky is, everybody has an opinion on government and or religion and everyone no matter what the stretch of life has heard of or has knowledge of the NWO.

When you say NWO your mind immediately goes to your favorite moment involving those guys and WWE does a real good job of snagging up those moments and compiling a really well produced and edited DVD set entitled, nWo: The Revolution DVD. Going into this I had low expectations, which may be the approach I need to take when I am reviewing other WWE, produced projects. Honestly, this was pleasantly surprising and here is the rub.

Disc 1 was a good documentary; it ended around the 1:03:00 mark. It actually went in chronological order which I have expressed before is necessary if you expect to capture the audience who are buying your product. Which WWE needs to understand, when making these DVD’s and packing them with stuff any casual fan can go find on YouTube, yet you charge them upwards of $25 dollars for the product it’s not fair at all, but let me stop using logic. It started with some of the Monday night Wars footage and explanation because of course that is where the root of the NWO sprouted up.

Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon can be directly blamed for the birth of the NWO and the documentary made that known in extremity. Watch the DVD for you to find out why! They gave us great mix between footage and voice overlay which seems to be a better way to go about these things instead of just a guy talking or just some in ring action happening. Having a guy talk about it while it’s happening just gives a better connection to the overall product. We got the formation, rise to the top, risky edgy things, slow decline, Wolfpack, hot mess, death bed, WWE NWO all in the span of that hour and man was it an awesome ride. It relived some of those old pop moments and kept you fresh on some of the others, like Hogan turning on his “best friend” the Big Bad Booty Man, which I completely forgot that happened but it was needed to further get Hogan over as this heel militia leader that he was portraying.

Disc 2 and 3 were much of the same, matches and segments galore but what sets these apart from others is…wait for it… THEY WERE IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. I seriously cannot express how much that matters. It went through most main segments and matches that we needed to either see again or wanted to see (Rodman vs. Malone). You could tell however while watching that you seemed to be watching the same thing repeatedly. They added a new member, he did their dirty work, he climbs higher that what he should and they turn on him. Rinse, wash, repeat. One main gripe I have about this DVD however is there was NO footage or matches from when they went to the WWE. The only such thing was the promo they had at No Way Out when they came out asking the crowd for a chance and they were “changed men.” I was very disappointed because I wanted to relive Rock V. Hogan one more time.

All in all this was a great DVD set to add to the collection, whenever you feel like reliving the great (or bad times) of the NWO, it is here for you to enjoy, in a well-constructed, well edited documentary +matches and segments that the E has put out in a while.

Personal opinion time: Watching Hogan do his thing, being the MEGA life face for 25 years plus and then shocking the world and doing what no one ever said would happen, turn heel, yet it happened. I leave you with this, could we ever see a situation where the world’s most controversial hero, John Cena, have a career-changing situation like this and turn heel like Hogan NWO?

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