We’ve never been shy about our love for Dragon Gate USA here at Voices of Wrestling and this weekend is one of the biggest for the promotion. VOW contributor Joe Lanza will be live tweeting the events as they happen. This, of course, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order the show because you should. If you’ve never ordered an iPPV from Dragon Gate USA you have nothing to worry about, quality is top notch both video and wrestling. It’s a professional (albeit not WWE-level) production and well worth the minimal cost. Head over to WWNLive.com for full details on pricing and the full cards.

Attendance expected to take a hit due to Frankenstorm so why not support alternative wrestling, support Dragon Gate USA! The shows always deliver, they are filled world class talent, give one of the shows a shot, especially you’re prone to bitching about WWE, TNA and the Raw & Impact shows all the time.  Try something new & fresh.

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