Is CM Punk truly the best wrestler in the world? Well to answer such a subjective question would be rather impossible. What has been a staple statement of most of his wrestling career certainly puts him in a top tier of elite athletes to be considered for such an accolade.

But this new WWE DVD sheds light to a lot of the trials and tribulations this man has gone through to get to where he is now at in the WWE and the wrestling world. In case you have been living under a rock for the last 14 years he does not exactly fit the old school mold of top tier wrestlers. To use the terminology from the film, and what many people have said as his reign began, “under the old school model, he has no business being a top guy.”

To some this story is old news. CM Punk’s career has been well followed by many of his fans since his days on top of the indy circuits. However, I would have to say for most wrestling fan’s the ability to see in depth coverage of CM Punk’s career path is certainly an eye opening experience. For me it was an inspiring tale for any person in any line of work. It showed how to make it to the top the right way, the long way, the hard way.

Now the DVD itself is just your run of the mill WWE documentary DVD. There are no crazy special effects or fancy 3D restored footage, there is no hidden story line, or sub plot that will be important to note on next week’s raw. To be honest, it is nothing to tout. It is just a solid in depth look at more of who CM Punk really is. We will at least as much as he and the WWE will allow us to see.

Punk shows throughout the film that when he gets on the mic and says everything he has in the WWE is everything that he as earned. He is speaking not as CM Punk the character, but as Phillip Brooks the man, the kid in the mirror who wants the world, goes out, and gets it, he is the person who pours everything he has into becoming everything he wants to become. His words are not only ignited by the passion he carries in his heart, but also by the one he has tattooed on his sleeve. It shows how real the character CM Punk is to the actual man. Just like a lot of the most successful WWE superstars, the man and the character are as close as they can get.

This film shows obstacles Punk faced and overcame. It is truly an impressive testament to his character and at times even made me reflect on the character person I am. It allowed me to question where my priorities are at and if my actions are truly in line with what I “SAY” I want out of different aspects of my life. CM Punk is a lifestyle, he lives a lifestyle, he stands for what he believes. This film shows that.

It shows the amount of discipline that is required for his success and the amount of discipline that is required to achieve high levels of success in all aspects of life. No matter what part of life you face challenges in, CM Punk shows you to stick to your guns if you believe in your cause and you are willing to work for it. Now this film may not resonate as strongly as it did with me for everyone. Nevertheless, the lesson the CM Punk character is trying to show the world, is truly one worth understanding. Nothing in life comes without a price.

The last thing I took away from this DVD was I finally seem to understand the one thing that Heel Punk tells us every night. The sole the reason we love to hate him (or we are supposed to hate him). Frankly, he is exactly what he says he is. He IS just…… “BETTER THAN YOU.” You’re (me included) at home on your couch, watching him, because every obstacle put in his way…. he beat it. What did you do? We will that’s up to each person to judge for themselves if they truly work as hard as they can at what they do. Or they expect to get to the next level in various aspects of their lives by cutting corners. CM Punk: Best Wrestler in the world? Best “what” in the world do you want to become? Do you deserve to be the best in your world?