It’s fair to say that most of us will agree that the WWE is severely lacking in depth currently. There are several wrestlers in the lower to mid cards who have the potential to make some money for the WWE but for one reason or another, the fans do not care about them. Don’t worry, this won’t be an article full of complaining about the fact that my favorite wrestler isn’t headlining right now. The purpose of this article is to outline a possible scenario for the WWE to get more from their roster and thus, draw more money. Currently, the mid-card is at an all-time low, specifically looking at the heels, who have been used constantly to put over main event talent. The WWE has tried to bring mid-carders like Alberto Del Rio into the main event but the fans have not cared due to bad booking and zero build-up. The key to strengthening the main event in the WWE in the future is to strengthen the mid-card and allow the fans to make a viable connection to those wrestlers.
In order to strengthen the mid-card, the WWE must be willing to change their current booking philosophy. The first and simple way to do this is to separate the three tiers of wrestlers in the WWE and keep them separate. Starting with the lower card guys, they can wrestle main eventers and mid-carders at any point. The idea is that wins and losses don’t matter at all with these guys. Their main job will be to put over everyone until some of them can make the jump up to the mid-card.
The mid-carders will be the bread and butter of RAW and Smackdown. The focus must be put on them because they need it the most. Of course, they all have the potential to be big money draws for the WWE for many years to come. Mid-carders will never wrestle main eventers and lose unless it is a rare situation where they will be made to look better by nearly winning. Ideally, the only time mid-carders will wrestle main eventers is when they are being promoted to the main event. Fans need to care about the mid-card and this isn’t happening when guys like Cody Rhodes are putting over main event guys in countless tag team matches. The more they put over main guys, the weaker they look. In the past, wrestlers like Bret Hart were over long before coming to the main event. However, this has not been the case for the last couple years.
Main eventers will only work with other main eventers and lower-card wrestlers with almost no exceptions. Main event wrestlers should not need to look good at the expense of mid-carders. The idea is that they are in their position because they are already over and very strong. Also, they should be used in less matches in order to make them more special. They can still cut promos but that’s it.
As noted, the main focus of both shows must be on the mid-card and that means more and/or longer matches and more face time for them. The WWE needs to focus on producing strong programs involving mid-card acts, focusing on the long term. Bear in mind of course that Vince McMahon does not focus on the long term as much as he should. Following these simple rules will prove valuable to the WWE in advancing forward. Wrestlers like the Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, and others may not be around much longer and the WWE will need to rely on new main event guys to draw. They will fail to draw if they are continually made to look weak and then forced into the main event scene abruptly.
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