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WWE 1997-2013 Win Percentages

WWE 1997-2013 Win Percentages

This includes all WWF/WWE shows (including NXT) from 1997 to 2013.  Data was extracted from Cagematch.  This includes singles & tag matches (no rumbles) where there was 30 non-draw matches in the year that fit that description.  (The total matches line here includes draws as well as rumbles and handicap matches). - WWE Win Percentages

1997 to 2013 Cumulative

Highest Winning Percentages

Bobby Lashley: 258 matches (87%)
Brodus Clay: 360 matches (82%)
John Cena: 1705 matches (81%)
Steve Austin: 527 matches (79%)
Sin Cara: 241 matches (78%)
Undertaker: 1231 matches (78%)
Shawn Michaels: 549 matches (77%)
Brock Lesnar: 331 matches (72%)
Rey Mysterio Jr.: 1144 matches (72%)
Ryback: 342 matches (71%)
Ken Shamrock: 397 matches (71%)

Lowest Winning Percentages

Heath Slater: 433 matches (15%)
Mike Knox: 236 matches (22%)
Jillian Hall: 206 matches (22%)
Curt Hawkins: 262 matches (24%)
Tamina Snuka: 201 matches (24%)
Shawn Stasiak: 176 matches (26%)
Tyler Reks: 181 matches (26%)
Justin Credible: 273 matches (26%)
Maryse: 298 matches (26%)
Tyson Tomko: 200 matches (26%)
Shannon Moore: 311 matches (27%)
Kenny Dykstra: 238 matches (28%)
Sho Funaki: 758 matches (28%)
David Otunga: 261 matches (28%)
Jinder Mahal: 298 matches (29%)
Damien Sandow: 357 matches (29%)
Stevie Richards: 510 matches (29%)
Titus O’Neil: 286 matches (29%)
Savio Vega: 207 matches (29%)
Jimmy Yang: 371 matches (29%)
Roman Reigns: 212 matches (29%)
Big Bossman: 359 matches (29%) - WWE Win Percentages

It’s interesting to see how 1999-2003 only had less than 5% of the active wrestlers in the top tier (above 75% winning percentage): Kurt Angle (1999, 2003), Steve Austin (1999, 2002), Undertaker (2000, 2001), Ron Killings (2000),  RVD (2001), Brock Lesnar (2001), Torrie Wilson (2002), Goldberg (2003).  Meanwhile, years like 2005 and 2012 were “bursting at the seam” by comparison (Kane, Big Show, John Cena, Undertaker, Batista, Shawn Michaels, Trish Stratus, Road Warrior Animal, Super Crazy, Mr. Kennedy, Bobby Lashley, Psicosis, Christy Hemme in 2005 and John Cena, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio Jr., Sheamus, Ron Killings, Great Khali, Brodus Clay, Ryback, Antonio Cesaro, Sin Cara in 2012 all had records with winning percentages above 75%).

Low standard deviations: Evan Bourne, Nunzio, Justin Gabriel, Vladimir Kozlov, Big Bossman, Brock Lesnar, Essa Rios, Tyler Reks, Shawn Stasiak

High standard deivations: Batista, Drew McIntyre, Layla, JTG, Brie Bella, Gail Kim, Nikki Bella, Luke Gallows

Keep in mind that heels lose a lot in WWE, so it’s tough to treat winning percentages as strictly a proxy for importance.

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